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Florida Drug Rehab Digital Marketing

Drug Rehab Marketing

The state of Florida is by far one of the most competitive drug rehab markets in the nation.  Florida is home to roughly 726 substance abuse treatment facilities.  Of those 726 addiction treatment programs 212 are inpatient facilities and 598 are outpatient addiction treatment programs.  In 2015 there was a total number of drug rehab admissions equal to 20,104.  Marketing an advertising for this state is hard fought, expensive and cutting edge.  Only the absolute best rehab marketing strategy succeeds and must include a full digital front of Pay Per Click Advertising, Local and National SEO strategy, Link Building and Social Media Marketing. 

Florida Drug Rehab CPA

The state of Florida’s average cost per acquisition for inpatient drug rehab marketing ranges from $1,500 to $10,000 and will depend largely on an organization’s insurance contract participation.  Just to quantify these costs on an annual basis if all 30,000 admissions from 2015 went to in-network providers and a low CPA of $1,500 was paid that would total $45,000,000 in advertising dollars for drug rehabs in one year on the low end.  On the high end with top premiums being paid for CPAs and likely for the more expensive Out-of-Network facilities that cost could look like $300,000,000. 

Florida Drug Rehab Google Local Map Pack

In conducting an SEO study for Florida Drug Rehab the Google local map pack top three include Ambrosia Treatment Center, Prevail Recovery Center and Boca Recovery Center.

Ambrosia Treatment Center or has an authority score of 32.  They have organic monthly search traffic of just over 5,000 and 104,000 backlinks.  Their top ranking keyword are “Zoloft and Alcohol”, “Rehabs in Florida” and “Ambrosia Treatment Center West Palm Beach.”  Ambrosia has certainly worked hard to earn their top position in search result through good old fashioned content writing and planned local SEO strategy.

Prevail Recovery Center or is 2nd place for Florida Drug Rehab in the Google local map pack and has an authority score of 20. They have organic monthly search traffic of 228 and have roughly 30,000 backlinks. While they are a much newer drug rehab, they have excellent SEO strategies that have earned them a coveted Google SERP position.

Boca Recovery Center or has earned third place successfully in the Google local map pack via well written content and local SEO strategy.  They have an authority score of 40.  They have monthly organic search volume of a massive 65,000 and have 42,000 backlinks. Boca Recovery Center has been providing addiction treatment services in Florida for the longest compared to the Ambrosia and Prevail and they have a tenacious digital strategy that has worked through the years. 

Florida Drug Rehab Google SERP

In order for a Florida Drug Rehab to have a fighting chance in gaining organic visibility in the Google search results and not end up on page 10 of the SERP they have to have a team entirely devoted to SEO content writing and they have to be patient as their creativity and volume enable them to climb the ranks. 

Today just building a website will not generate referrals. As a Florida Drug Rehab administrator you must have time and money budgeted into your digital strategy if you hope to generate referrals from the internet.  There are two ways to get a Florida Addiction Treatment program visibility on the internet:  The first one is to write more and better keyword optimized content than everyone else and the second is to invest in strong Pay Per Click Advertising.

Florida Drug Rehab PPC Advertising

A well monitored Pay Per Click campaign can get you a sponsored position at the top of the local search results but you have to be well targeted.  If your campaign uses the top performing keywords which include:

 “Drug Rehab Florida” = 480 Monthly Volume

“Addiction Treatment Florida” = 260 Monthly Volume

“Florida Drug Rehab”= 260 Monthly Volume

You will be using the same keywords that every other addiction treatment advertising campaign in Florida is using.  The only way to overcome this from a PPC Advertising perspective is concerned is to more specifically target geographic locations than other programs. Pick specific towns and cities and use small radii, and you will perform better than you competition. 

Web Logix Group Digital Marketing

Web Logix Group has been creating and managing Digital Marketing Campaigns for addiction treatment programs around the country for over a decade.  If you want to win in SEO or in Pay Per Click Advertising, or if you want to have a top performing website for your addiction treatment program than Web Logix Group is the logical choice.  Every addiction treatment facility we have ever represented gets first page visibility in the Google search results and earns the lowest CPA for Pay Per Click Advertising.  If you are in need of digital marketing services we can take the reigns completely or work as a consultant as you develop your own strategies.

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