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Drug Rehab Marketing PA

Updated: Jan 5

PA Drug Rehab Marketing

The state of PA has roughly 260 public or partially publicly funded Medicaid based drug and alcohol treatment facilities. Additionally, there are another 20-30 commercially funded or private pay drug rehabs.  Each of these addiction organizations have their own website, social media presence, and digital advertising or digital marketing efforts. 

Blocking Google's location tracking and using a top search term "Pennsylvania Drug Rehab" the following three addiction treatment facilities present organically in the Google map's local pack top 3:

The Ranch, Arkview and Gaudenzia Concept 90.

The Ranch: has an authority score of 34, monthly organic SEO generated search traffic of 9.7K, monthly paid search traffic of 5.5K and 19.3K backlinks. Their top 5 Organic SEO keywords include: "The Ranch Pennsylvania", "Depression Treatment Centers", "The Ranch PA", "Scope Mouthwash" and "The Ranch Wrightsville PA." Their Google PPC monthly ad spend is around $61,000.

Arkview: has an authority score of 9, monthly organic SEO generated search traffic of 330, no paid traffic and 352 backlinks. Their top 5 organic SEO keywords include: "Arkview Recovery Center", "Ark View", "Arkview", "The Ark Rehabilitation Centre" and "Womens Rehab."  They have absolutely no monthly PPC ad spend according to public reporting. 

Gaudenzia Concept 90: has an authority score of 33, monthly organic SEO generated search traffic of 9.5K, no paid traffic and 10K backlinks. Their top 5 organic SEO keywords include: "Gaudenzia", "Gaudenzia Lower Bucks", "Gaudenzia Erie", "Gaudenzia Crownsville" and "Gaudenzia Philadelphia." They have absolutely no monthly PPC ad spend according to public reporting.

The top 5 organic SEO generated search results for "Pennsylvania Drug Rehab" include:

In today's drug rehab marketing world, digital representation requires quality, quantity and consistency.  The recovery centers located within Pennsylvania have an organic SEO advantage due to the fact that they can drop a pin on the Google Map once they are verfied through My Business.  This location within the state boarders enables these rehab websites to rank more easily.  This doesnt stop out of state drug rehabs from writing strong location based SEO content which enables them to rank amongst the PA drug rehab organic results. 

From a paid Google Ads perspective, there are facilities all over the country paying for ads that run within Pennsylvania's Drug Rehab Search traffic.  So, in order to generate clicks and impressions as a PA based addiction treatment center running PPC advertising they must have comparable ad copy, budgets and bidding to the top facilities in the country. Otherwise, the only thing that will get them page one of the SERP will be first class addiction SEO.  

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising for addiction requires LegitScript certification and a website that is in compliance with Google's advertising policies.  To achieve maximum success, it is suggested that the SEO and PPC efforts are working hand in hand if not performed by the same department or agency. 

Addiction treatment centers in PA work to improve their website quality score through the use of effective backlinks, or link building.  There are many addiction services directories for drug rehab marketing.  Examples include: 

Listing with these high-ranking directories not only gets a drug rehab in Pennsylvania first page visibility by way of the directory, but also increases the facility's overall website ranking through quality SEO strategy of link building. 

Another common drug rehab marketing strategy is the use of Social Media.  Quality social media business pages for rehabs with constantly generated engaging posts can generate admissions traffic. Also, advertising for rehabs through  Facebook and Instagram enables the addiction program to use refined geofencing. 

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