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Lancaster PA PPC, Pay Per Click Advertising

What is Google Pay per click or PPC Advertising?

Imagine you're a healthcare agency located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and you're trying to stand out against the competition. There are literally hundreds of healthcare agencies in the Lancaster area so how do you own your territory and get as many visits or new patients as possible? You have probably already maximized the value of your website through quality design and strong SEO strategy, but you still aren't ahead of the pack in the search results and don't have time for your SEO efforts to mature. This is where Google Pay Per Click Ads come into play:


Google Pay Per Click Advertising, also known as PPC or AdWords, is a form of advertising designed to promote your business's website every time someone searches for your services or the products you sell. It's called pay per click because you don't pay until someone clicks on your ad. Web Logix group specializes in Google Ads development and management.  Well-developed Google Ads Campaigns will get your business listed before the organic search results, even if the competition has a better site or better developed SEO than you.

How we do it:

We research, monitor and record web traffic for all the inquiries or searches over a period of time within a geographically targeted area. We create various campaign types using the words and phrases people use to find your services during their Google searches. We manage the bidding process against other agencies who are also running PPC campaigns in your area, and while watching the cost per click of the keyword database we build for you, we use our creativity and marketing strategy to find lower cost per click keywords and phrases to get your organization's website more and more conversion traffic at the best possible cost.

*Conversions are when someone calls you directly from an ad, or when they click on your ad and contact you through the Call to Action on the landing page of your company website."

Within 30 days of Web Logix Group developing and managing your campaigns you will have a digital marketing engine generating regular volumes of new customers. Call us today!

LegitScript Application and Compliance

Google advertising for almost any form of healthcare agency requires a lengthy application process through an agency called LegitScript. Web Logix Group is well versed in this process and includes the application process and certification management in any of our digital advertising packages using Google Pay Per Click.

LegitScript, Legit Script

LegitScript certification became a major obstacle for addiction treatment organizations running Google Ads over a decade ago. The certification was put in place to ensure that only quality drug rehabs and reputable addiction treatment programs were able to use the Google Advertising services. Web Logix Group has been building Google Ads campaigns since before the certification requirements were put in place for behavioral health organizations and we have been perfecting compliant ad strategy ever since. Addiction treatment organizations choose Web Logix Group for drug rehab digital marketing expertise because we keep your campaigns certified, compliant and producing high volumes of quality leads at lower costs than our competitors. Our knowledge of the addiction treatment industry and diligent campaign research strategies put our Google Ads performance at the highest level for drug rehab marketing.


Healthcare agencies of all kinds can expect the same high-quality performance when Web Logix Group is developing and managing their Google Pay Per Click Ads.

Within 30 days of Web Logix Group developing and managing your campaigns you will have a digital marketing engine generating regular volumes of new customers. Call us today!

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Negative Keyword for Google Ads

Negative Keywords are equally as important as regular keywords. While keywords link ads towards people searching for what you offer, negative keywords separate the ads from people who are not searching for what you offer. The process of negative keyword selection removes ambiguity and confusion around different meanings and uses of words. A lot of services can easily be confused with others if the right keywords and negative keywords are not carefully selected. For example, the keyword "Rehab" is used by Addiction Treatment providers and Physical Therapists. In this case Web Logix Group would add "Addiction Treatment" to the keyword list and "Physical Therapy" to the negative keyword list to provide google with clarity and direction on who we want ads to show to.

Google Ads Match Types and Impact On Quality Call Volume

The ultimate goal for most Pay Per Click Google Ads for businesses is to get phone calls and website visits. People searching for addiction treatment services often use phrases like: Drug Rehab Near Me, Addiction Treatment Facilities, Drug Rehabs, Inpatient Treatment Organizations, etc. Logically, if these are the chosen keywords in a rehab's Google Ads campaign then the ads should easily match with people searching for addiction treatment. Unfortunately, depending on the "Match type" used for the rehab campaign's keyword selection people will be calling for all kinds of reasons other than actual addiction treatment.


Broad Match Keywords Are the Most Expensive and Least Productive for Any Organization.

Broad Match keywords get quick clicks and lots of them which means dollars going out the door for unqualified, low-quality clicks and calls. Google's Broad Match for a key word like "Drug Rehab" could attract clicks for physical therapy. Similarly Broad Match for Addiction Treatment may attract clicks for Narcotics Anonymous meetings. There are an alarming number of matches for Broad Match keywords that have nothing to do with people looking to admit to an addiction treatment program at any level of care.


Phrase Match and Exact Match Are the Match Types That Create Addiction Treatment Leads

To avoid the Broad Match money pit, we choose keywords that are classified as Phrase Match or Exact Match. Phrase Match keywords for addiction treatment pay per click campaigns will match a campaign keyword like "Treatment Center" with search phrases like "Recovery Center", "Addiction Recovery Center", "Addiction Treatment Center", and so on. Exact Match type keywords only match when someone searches using the exact terminology and arrangement of the keywords chosen for the addiction treatment campaign.


The Impact of Costs and Match Types in Addiction Treatment Digital Marketing

There are cost considerations which guide the keyword decision making process. Broad Match type keywords will always be the lowest cost per click. Phrase Match will be more expensive per click than Broad Match, and Exact Match will be the most expensive cost per click. The greater the cost per click, the fewer the clicks there will be, but the more likely the click will be high quality and truly be someone seeking help with an addiction related issue.

Monitoring PPC Search Terms

When running pay per click advertising for any type of agency monitoring the search terms is vitally important. Keywords are important here because they are how search terms are linked to your ads. Google likes to associate all kinds of related services and subjects to your Google Pay Per Click keywords through the search terms and because of this, monitoring the search terms provides an additional layer of improving the overall quality and performance of the campaigns being run. If the campaign has keywords like "Drug Rehab" the search terms linked to the keyword could be things like "Addiction Treatment", "Detox Programs", which would be ideal, but often times your keyword might be associated with things like "health and rehab" which points to a totally different search intent, one for Physical Therapy. Google Ads enables a campaign manager to monitor and filter out the low-quality search terms by creating negative keyword versions of them.

Geography of Digital Marketing Addiction

When building an addiction treatment or drug rehab marketing campaign geo targeting is as important as picking the right keywords and keyword match types. Every drug rehab in the country is marketing their addiction services through Google pay per click if they hope to be competitive, and so no matter where an ad is chosen to run, it will be running against several other typically closely located facilities. Sometimes ads for a rehab will run against other rehabs that aren't located anywhere nearby but there are other strategical reasons for this.


Assuming a detox or rehab facility is located in Pennsylvania, and they are marketing their addiction services to Pennsylvania residents there is a best way to win against the competing drug rehabs also running digital campaigns. If every drug rehab in Pennsylvania chooses to run their campaigns to the entire state, and they are all using the same keywords, then every search will trigger every rehab's campaign and only the highest bidder or rehab with the biggest budgets will get the chance to be visible to the people searching for addiction treatment services. If an addiction treatment facility chooses a specific area in Pennsylvania to run their ads, then they have a greater chance of appearing more prominently in search results for a lower cost against all the programs that chose to target their addiction ads across the entire state.


How to Find the Best Areas to Run Addiction Ads

This can be done through research and testing. Testing is simply picking various areas, building quality addiction ads and seeing how many impressions and subsequent clicks are generated. Research is done using available online resources like Google Trends and SEM Rush. Google Trends will show near real-time search interest in specific geographic areas, and SEM Rush will show actual search volume within geographic areas for specific addiction related search terms.

PPC Advertising Examples

Google AdWords Marketing is an absolute must if you want your addiction treatment facility or organization to stay afloat, but at the same time poor campaign management and the associated cost of advertising will quickly sink you.

Marketing rehabs and addiction treatment requires a special skillset, because Addiction Treatment is such a highly competitive industry. Furthermore, marketing addiction treatment in a place like Florida requires even further diligence and advanced strategy as it is the most concentrated market of addiction treatment providers in the country.


How do we win low cost, high converting addiction treatment search traffic in places like Florida?

First of all, we have developed and continue to maintain the most effective and low-cost keyword and search phrase index for Addiction Treatment. We have developed this database over a decade of campaign management and facility operations. Keywords alone won't win you conversions, you also have to know how to target geographically. We have a system for real-time national survey of what search phrases are used in popularity and where they are currently being used the most. This gives us a major competitive edge in our Addiction Marketing by surveying for addiction treatment interest and instantaneously targeting to capture clicks that other behavioral health providers aren't targeting.


Campaign development:

Let's say you're an addiction treatment provider and you're trying to market your facility to stand out against your competitors locally and even nationally. We use our aforementioned strategies to get you top of the results as often as possible. We also piggyback off your competition's ads so that every time a prospective patient visits their website the prospect will automatically be more frequently presented with your facility's ad as an option. This is part of Performance Max campaign strategy goes beyond the standard search campaign development.

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