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Drug Rehab Marketing

Drug Rehab Web Design

Website Design for Addiction Treatment

We build stunning and compelling websites with a conversion focused mindset. We make use of search engine metrics and eye-catching CTA's(Call to Action) to turn visits into admissions. Guaranteed full functionality with live chat, appointment scheduling, and contact forms.

Transform Your Online Presence with Web Logix Group - The Top Addiction Marketing Agency

Behavioral Health Marketing and Strategies

Members of the Web Logix Group team have held leadership positions in the addiction treatment industry such as President, Chief Executive Officer, Division President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer. We have built successful treatment centers from the ground up and run multi location, multinational organizations. We have been the acquisition point people in large roll up campaigns conducting due diligence studies for dozens of treatment centers and treatment organizations throughout the country.


In every position and with every company we have held responsibility for all the digital marketing efforts. Web Logix Group is the culmination of all of our team's experiences in digital marketing for the addiction treatment industry. We know, better than most, how to use the volume of web marketing tools for maximum results in generating real admissions traffic for addiction treatment programs at all levels of care.

Drug Rehab Marketing
Drug Rehab Marketing

We know the importance of inpatient rehab census and monthly outpatient visits...

We have successfully garnered CPA rates of $1,500 for out-of-network inpatient addiction treatment facilities, $500 for in-network inpatient rehab centers and significantly lower for addiction treatment programs that accept the Medicaid population. We have been the choice rehab marketing agency for rehabs in Pennsylvania, Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky. Now, We are growing and accepting new clients.


How do we market rehabs and addiction treatment programs so well?

Our personal experience in the addiction treatment industry makes us experts in writing effective 1st page ranking content. That means no matter where your addiction treatment program is located, our SEO and addiction services copy writing skills will get you first page search results for your state's market. (SERP Ranking 1-10). Within 90 days of working with us you will stand out online against all the competition in your state.

Drug Rehab PPC

Rehab PPC, Pay Per Click:

  • More Conversions

  • Lowest CPA

  • Quality Calls

Drug Rehab Google PPC

Google PPC, Pay Per Click, for Rehabs and Addiction Treatment

We use our knowledge of the industry and our ability to "speak the addiction treatment language" to your advantage in finding the lowest cost-per-click search terms and combine that with highly direct location targeting to ensure that we always win in the bidding war against your competition. We build fully customized Google AdWords campaigns, not the general automated campaigns our competition uses, and we only generate meaningful clicks. These are people with the transaction intent and interest of admitting or enrolling into your program. Additionally, within our campaigns we know how to leverage the traffic on your competitors' sites into low-cost conversions on your site. That's right, you heard us right! When people visit your competition's websites our campaigns will increase your visibility in the prospective patient's search results.

Confused About Legit Script Certification for Addiction Treatment?

Have no fear! No campaign will run without Google Ads policy violations unless you are Legit Script Certified, but we happen to be experts on this matter. We work closely with your addiction treatment program administrative staff to expedite this process so your campaigns can run without violations and unnecessary limitations. Pay Per Click campaigns for addiction treatment are alive and well with the proper campaign management that Web Logix Group brings to the table.


We know what it's like to feel the pressure of a low census and we know how to drive those numbers up. Within 30 days of Web Logix Group running your campaigns you WILL notice a significant increase in your quality admission traffic and within 90 days you will have a well-oiled digital lead generating machine.

LegitScript Drug Rehab Google PPC
Drug Rehab Social Media

Social Media Marketing for Rehabs and Addiction Treatment Programs

We have developed successful geofencing and audience development strategies that turn your investments into conversions. Additionally, we make use of Facebook's Pixel code to capture and remarket to your website visitors during their social activity. If they visited your site or clicked on one of your addiction marketing search engine campaign ads they will be presented with your services multiple times, multiplying the value of your Pay Per Click investments.

We are members of your team!

Transparency of the data we generate, and our strategies is important for you to have comfort in how your money is being spent. We know the importance of comprehensive, meaningful and discernable reporting. Not only are we an addiction marketing agency but we are educators of our craft. We want you to completely understand the why and how of what we do. We are confident in our service quality that even when you have a full working knowledge of our digital strategies you will still elect to use Web Logix Group as your rehab marketing agency of choice.

Email Marketing for Rehabs

More Digital Marketing Strategies

Competition in the Addiction Treatment Industry is fierce. There will never be that one brilliant idea that brings you final and continual success. Marketing addiction treatment requires a dynamic strategy that is constantly monitored, adjusted and updated. Having a strong website with regular SEO is key for a behavioral health company. High quality digital campaigns via Google Pay Per Click and social media give you an even greater chance of success. But there are still more strategies from a digital marketing perspective that help get you to the top.

Email campaigns are a valuable method of Marketing Outpatient Addiction Programs and assist with patient retention. When the receptionist is collecting patient demographics during the initial visit, getting as many forms of contact is extremely valuable and ensuring that an email address is one of those forms of contact is necessary for email campaigns. Web Logix Group content writers use your database of patient email addresses to send out newsletters, promotions, and updates about the behavioral health agency. We use quality visuals representative of the program with engaging copy to make sure the emails are read and not just deleted or tossed in the trash. We create these campaigns and track meaningful KPIs, like the number of open and read, the number of internal email links clicked or the number of times the phone number designated for the email campaign was dialed and led to a conversion. Email marketing for addiction treatment is low cost and highly effective.

Text Marketing for Rehabs

Similar to email campaigns but with its own value for marketing outpatient addiction treatment is text campaigns. Collecting and recording cell phone numbers during the initial intake into the CRM allows for building a database that can be used as a valuable marketing tool. Web Logix Group uses this database to draft text messages to all prior customers for patient retention and to encourage additional scheduled visits for counseling and therapy. We create promotional campaigns for addiction clinics to boost visits during the slower times. We also use this means of communication for referral incentive programs, offering discounts to former patients who refer their friends and family members to the addiction clinic and continue building on the contact collection for future campaign leads.

Drug Rehab Testimonials

Word of Mouth is the best marketing an addiction program can have and often times word of mouth happens through patient reviews. Today patient reviews are the standard screening that consumers do before choosing to go to a drug treatment facility. Most times 5-star reviews, and lots of them, win a new customer. Soliciting these reviews and managing the unfavorable ones takes work. This is part of Web Logix Group's comprehensive menu of services for marketing addiction treatment. We build out the Google Local listing, the social media business pages, and the website with well managed review sections. Often times we work with the addiction program to build a survey system for patient feedback and satisfaction. This not only grows the organizations reviews but also creates favorable content for the website.

Drug Rehab Directories

Another powerful tool in marketing rehabs and addiction programs is making use of the many online rehab directories. We build profiles for the addiction treatment program on as many of these directories as possible. We build out the free ones first and then target as many of the paid directories as is financially feasible for the client. Each of these directories can be optimized for a chance to outperform the other listed rehabs and programs. This helps with lead generation and building back links for the Addiction Treatment Program's website which enhances search result visibility and further optimizes the website raising the Google ranking. Directories generate business and typically have their own customer review sections which can be managed to contribute to the optimization of the addiction marketing listing within the directory.

Drug Rehab Marketing Success Stories

Bradford Recovery Center

Drug Rehab Marketing

Web Logix group has been marketing addiction treatment for over a decade. Our owner Charles Adams is not only a drug rehab marketing expert, but he has also been building addiction treatment facilities and running them for the past ten years. The first major project was Bradford Recovery Center which Charles founded in 2016. The logo, the brand, the treatment model, the executive team, the marketing, the business development team, every little piece of what Bradford Recovery Center was came from Charles' mind and his passion for helping addicts and alcoholics to find recovery.


Charles created the rehab's website and the social media accounts. He was also responsible for this addiction treatment facility's SEO. Additionally, he developed and ran this drug rehab's digital marketing including the Pay Per Click campaign and the social media marketing campaigns. Bradford Recovery Center was on the first page of the Google search results for "Drug Rehab PA" within 90 days of starting the website. In fact, this rehab was typically 2nd or 3rd place in the search results against at least 50 other substance abuse treatment programs in the state at the time. This was still the case up until the project was sold to Acadia in 2020. 


The marketing experts of Web Logix Group were at the digital marketing helm of Destination Hope, located in Fort Lauderdale, when it was purchased out of Federal Bankruptcy court in late 2020. While there were certainly many pieces that contributed to the overall success of D-Hope, the marketing strategy employed was vital in the beginning of the revitalization and major when Pay Per Click advertising commenced. Initially when we started on the project, we conducted a full re-brand which included new logos, taglines, mission statement, new core values, etc. We staged and took hundreds of new content photos and videos. We hammered down on a new site design and wrote SEO content daily. We went from the 20th page of the Google search results for "Drug Rehab Florida" to the first page within 90 days. We found and purchased about a dozen old and retired domains that still had some ranking and ported them through to our main site. These sites used to be existing treatment centers that had been shut down. This knocked us up in our Google ranking quite rapidly. Once the new brand was ready to roll out, we started a low budget PPC campaign. We started out with a mere $20,000 budget per month. Fortunately, because we were licensed for both mental health and substance abuse, we were able to get significantly lower cost per click rates in our campaigns because we weren't bidding against big addiction only programs. Our first month of PPC we got 7 admits from our campaigns. Our second month we got 13 admits, and our third month we got a whopping 21 admits. All still within the $20,000 monthly budget. At that time in Florida to be able to achieve 21 admits for a budget of $20,000, and for an Out-Of-Network facility was thought to be impossible. That was a cost per acquisition of less than a thousand dollars. Most places at the time were paying on the low end $5,000 per acquisition via PPC. Long story short, our digital efforts across Google PPC, Social Media for Alumni, SEO and multisite strategies brough Destination Hope from bankruptcy to success within 6 months. At 90 days we were breaking even and at 6 months we were realizing handsome profits.


Destination Hope

Drug Rehab Marketing


Drug Rehab Marketing

The Owner of Web Logix Group, Charles Adams, was the Inpatient Division President for the parent company called Regard Recovery back in 2021. After the success with Destination Hope, Charles and the team were scouting new acquisition opportunities. Emerald Coast Journey Pure was purchased next and Charles was set to the marketing task once again. This time while there were some strong bones in the digital representation of the addiction treatment organization, there was still some disjointed assets. The Google Local Listings were underdeveloped, there were two websites for the same location but the lesser, in terms of organic ranking, was being used. There was no PPC campaign running and no functioning call center locally. Because we had other facilities in the same state, we needed to optimize the site for different keywords and phrases than our other locations, so we decided to create a different specialty or target market. Emerald Coast Journey Pure was very close to military bases and so we optimized the site for our veterans' program and earned first page ranking for that specialty within 60 days of acquisition. PPC cost per acquisition went even further down in cost for Journey Pure because they were all in network. The HMO traffic just happens to cost less because there is more of it. By the time we were done linking and optimizing the Google Local Listings we had our new call center answering messages and garnering admissions directly through them. Another home run!


Magnolia Ranch Recovery

Web Logix Group was recruited by Magnolia Ranch Recovery and Genesis Medical Detox to manage their Google Pay Per Click campaigns.  Over a period of three months, we rebuilt their entire PPC campaign strategy.  This included new geo-targeting, a new keyword database and new ad copy for each campaign we created.  We targeted the Pay Per Click campaigns towards vets and military personnel because of their contract with Tricare.  We also targeted people who were in or were recently in hospitals for substance abuse issues because of Genesis medical detox program. Lastly, we targeted everyone who engaged with their competitors' websites through Google Ads Performance Max campaigns which enable us to target traffic that landed on specific sites. Our PPC advertising strategy moved Magnolia Ranch's cost per acquisition from $9,000 when we first took over to $2,800 by the end of three months.  We managed a budget of $60,000 and admitted 21 people in our third month.  

Once we had proven our ability in Pay Per Click advertising, Magnolia Ranch Recovery decided to let us manage their sites' SEO.  They were not ranking for any local traffic as a Tennessee drug rehab but within 30 days of writing creative content and retooling meta descriptions and alternative text for site images we got their website on the first page of the Google search results for "Tennessee drug rehab", "Best Tennessee rehab", and "Tennessee Addiction Treatment", and more. 



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