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Lancaster PA Website Design and Development

Lancaster PA Web Design

Web Logix Group is a Lancaster, PA digital marketing and website design agency that specializes in marketing various industries and specialties through an array of online platforms. Digital marketing requires a consumer mindset and constant analysis of prospective customer behavior.  As a result, we create modern, breathtaking websites that drive sales of products and services.  

Lancaster PA SEO for Websites

Web Logix Group is also an SEO Company. When building a website for any agency we ensure that the website design has a consistent theme and natural flow. The home pages we create have a strong first impression of the organization in its entirety. The section "above-the-fold," which is what presents when you land on a website and before you start scrolling, always has visually pleasing imagery that is factually representative to the organization, but also makes the user want to see more. Our written content is specific and descriptive of the services provided. Care and diligence is taken in search engine optimization or SEO. This refers to how the website's content is written so that it effectively triggers common search words and phrases that would be used when an individual is searching for what each organization offers. 

Website Design

Lancaster PA Site Mapping

Every website we design is easy to navigate. Website menus that list all the pages are easily accessible. Site map directories with drop down menus are fine for sites with lots of pages so long as everything is well organized, and navigation is intuitive. Calls to action, CTAs, are highlighted sections and buttons that demand an action of the user and should be strategically placed throughout the site. These CTAs are often what generate your leads. Whether the CTA links to a contact form or a phone number, the operation should be fully functional and lack ambiguity.

Backend Optimization

Backend Optimization is as important if not more so than your standard SEO. This includes each pages meta descriptions or the main text that previews when the healthcare organization appears in the search results. Additionally, meta tags for all the images included in the site are important, because they add additional optimization value when people are searching for the healthcare organization's services. Care should be taken in how many images and/or videos are used and in the resolution quality of the media. Long videos or volumes of high-definition images will slow down the loading speed of the site. If a site takes too long to load, a user will likely bounce out of your site and go to a competitor's.

Website UI and UX

Many websites require multiple versions or various user portals for different purposes. There are at times customer portals for dissemination of account details and information particular to the customer, and on the other side administrative portals for entering or monitoring the data that the customers interact with. This is called User Interface or UI.  UI and UX, User Experience, require thoughtful planning and creation. Every organization wants a seamless and first-class experience for their customers, and UI and UX are of utmost importance to maintain that standard.

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