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Social Media Management

Web Logix Group offers full social media management and representation across all social platforms. We work with organizations to create real content that is informative and engaging. We manage social platforms for businesses of all kinds including hospitals, doctors, dentists, psychiatrists and psychologist, plastic surgeons and mental health and addiction treatment providers. The role of organic social media in marketing is vital and not to be overlooked. Organic social media management is the most effective and low-cost approach at branding and consumer engagement for an organization, but there are some definite strategies we have developed in order for it to be of maximum efficacy. We create an audience comprised of people within the demographic and geographic parameters of an organizations desired reach. Through constant content development and regular scheduled posting, we build a meaningful relationship between that audience and the organization. We build interest and value in the available services a provider or organization offers and educate the audience on products, services, admissions, enrollments and fee schedules. We work to eliminate barriers to accessibility and keep the client organization top of mind whenever a need presents within the targeted audience, demographic group or region.

Through managing social media accounts for our various clients, we have discovered how crucial it is to create posts that are scheduled in frequency without any gaps and that create engagement. When we attract new followers in a LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram profile it is necessary to solicit likes, comments and shares regularly in order to stay in their timeline. If too long a period passes without their interaction, they become unreachable. Even if they are listed as an active follower, too many other companies, services and pages that they interacted with more recently will fill their timeline as the inactive organization falls down in rank to the point of zero visibility. The Web Logix Social team knows how to build an audience that not only stays connected and active but produces actual leads and sales.

Social Media Marketing

In organic social media management, it is important to tie in links to the client organization's website as often as possible to turn leads into conversions but there are also paid social media marketing options that generate this lead-to-conversion traffic with greater frequency. Web Logix Group makes use of installing Facebook's PIXEL code into the backend of every site we work with. PIXEL connects the client organization's site to their audience's social feed. Whenever a person visits the website, PIXEL then targets your social media paid campaigns to the visitor's social feed or timeline. This generates the repeated exposure necessary to stay top-of-mind even if they aren't directly engaging with the organic post strategy.

Paid social media marketing is unique compared to Google Pay Per Click in that you can target an individual's travel behavior through refined geofencing. Suppose an consumer electronics organization is running a paid social campaign and they are looking for people in the market to purchase TVs and electronics. Proper use of social media marketing's geofencing capabilities enables the organization to market to people from all over a state but only those who have visited a neighborhood that has a Best Buy. In this scenario the advertiser can guarantee that if a person came a distance to a certain neighborhood, they were likely visiting Best Buy. Presumably at some point in the future they would need and be in search of a TV, or some other consumer electronics.

Every agency has a different marketing strategy for their products and services and has a uniquely developed demographic.  With Web Logix Group's creative use of the various social marketing platforms and their respective capabilities we develop equally valuable solutions.

Social Media
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