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Lancaster PA Affiliate Marketing

Influencers and Affiliate Marketing

The Web Logix Group Affiliate Marketing concept uses the organic value of individual profiles, pages and accounts across various social platforms as a means to promote products, services and organizations. Every current platform including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more has Influencers or users who have a tremendous organic reach. You could call it an unpaid natural popularity. These folks have developed their reach through consistently having a unique and valuable message. They figured out how to build a large and loyal following that they interact with regularly.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

An example affiliate candidate would be a TikTok celebrity makeup artist who performs demonstrations and shares them by going live or through uploaded videos. They keep their following engaged by sharing the secrets of their cosmetic artistry and usually have a personality that adds to their schtick. Another example might be a well-developed entertainment podcast or Twitch channel. Advanced versions of these are already monetized or paid by the platform that hosts them. Many people have huge followings but haven't quite cracked the numbers or volume needed to be monetized by the larger social media platforms.


At any level these folks all have intrinsic marketing value. Web Logix Group creates affiliate marketing campaigns using our contracted affiliates that we recruit based on our own social grading system. We value our affiliate marketers based on metrics that include but are not limited to the number off followers they might have, the number of active viewers during any live cast and the number of reactions or comments they receive per post. Ultimately, we create financial opportunity for the established as well as the up-and-coming social celebrities or influencers which in turn results in low-cost marketing for our clients.

Rollout of Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Affiliate marketing, much like other forms of digital marketing requires an implementation period. The key is to capitalize on their celebrity or inlfuencer status and generate actual conversions, visits or sales for our clients. While we ensure that the affiliates we use for any campaign are appropriate for the products or services they are marketing, a subtle introduction is required otherwise they can easily lose some of the established following through an overly conspicuous hard sell approach. When their audience is effectively primed, we implement promo and referral codes along with custom site links to track the efficacy of their efforts in bringing our clients additional business.

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